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  • Agoda just scrapped their Reward Points

    Agoda just scrapped their Reward Points

    I have just logged into my Agoda account, and lo and behold, i could not find the link to my Reward Points. Instead, i noticed that i had Gift Card credits. The Gift Cards have been issued on May 30, without any prior notice. One Gift Card expires end of this year, while the other […]

  • Taobao product recommendation – Self inflating sleeping mats

    Taobao product recommendation – Self inflating sleeping mats

    In preparation for my one month Europe trip, i got these sleeping mats. I would attempt to book twin or double hotel rooms without adding on extra bed for my kids, who are at age 4 and 5 respectively. As you can imagine, doing so saves me a lot of money and pays for the […]

  • Save serious money on hotel bookings

    Save serious money on hotel bookings

    I have just received S$166.16 in cashback for the hotel bookings of my recent trip, no kidding! Here’s how i did it. Earn cashback through Shopback. Simple as that. Hotel booking websites take an average of 15% in commission from the hotel/accommodation provider for every booking done through their websites. Yes, that’s an awful lot of money! They’re willing to give […]

  • Surabaya trip highlights

    Surabaya trip highlights

    The most “shiok” (enjoyable) part of the trip was being able to leave my kids to the care of my parents every night while me and my wife head over to the hotel pub or lounge for a drink. The pub experience at The Maj in Hotel Majapahit was one of the best. Unfortunately there […]

  • Surabaya 5 days itinerary

    Surabaya 5 days itinerary

    What’s there to see in Surabaya you might ask? Not much actually (no offence intended). I took advantage of a promotion by Singapore Airlines and chose to fly to the nearest destination. At S$180 per adult, it’s a steal. The total came up to S$695 for 2 adults and 2 children. Comparatively, the tickets i bought for […]

  • Perfect weekend getaway in Johor

    Perfect weekend getaway in Johor

    Pontian is about 1.5 hours from Singapore if there is no jam during border crossing. I initially wanted to go via Woodlands, but on learning there is heavy traffic at the causeway (through the LTA signboard), I immediately changed my route and headed towards the second link. I got my wife to verify via the […]

  • Shopback review

    Shopback review

    Now that I’ve received the first payout from Shopback, I guess I’m qualified to say something about them. The $25 payout consisted of $15 from an Agoda booking and $10 from the bonus given for signing up through Citibank and for updating the personal particulars. The best part of Shopback so far is in getting […]

  • 4 tips on saving money on your trip

    #1 Book ahead Prices for hotel and car rental normally go up the closer you get to the date you are traveling, especially if it is holiday season. I have seen hotel and car rental prices more than double two months before my travel date, so you can save A LOT if you secure your hotel and […]

  • How to choose the hotel for your trip

    Choosing a hotel could be a daunting task for a lot of people, because often times there are too many hotels to choose from. Here’s my strategy for choosing a good value hotel. Hotel Booking Site First, you have to decide on which hotel booking website to use. I mainly use booking.com and Agoda. When […]