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  • 5 days itinerary of Shantou, Chaozhou and Meizhou

    If you’re into history and food, these destinations may be of interest to you. I took advantage of a Jetstar promo and bought return tickets to Jieyang/Shantou for only $64. Here’s my itinerary: Day 1Jieyang airport is about half an hour from Chaozhou, an hour away from Shantou and two hours from Meizhou. You may […]

  • Not your usual Taiwan itinerary (Part 3)

    Not your usual Taiwan itinerary (Part 3)

    Day 7 – I booked the Wang Gong clams picking tour (王功採蚵車摸蛤生態之旅) nearly two months ahead to ensure i got a place. You can do so via Facebook messenger, which was how i contacted them. Otherwise, you can also sign up for an adhoc tour at some of the restaurants in town, or, you could […]

  • Not your usual Taiwan itinerary (Part 2)

    Not your usual Taiwan itinerary (Part 2)

    Day 4 – South bound. Main attraction of the day – Brown Boulevard, named so after the advertisement shot here. Win. Related posts: Bangkok trip report card Not your usual Taiwan itinerary (Part 1) Raining cats and dogs in Hat Yai Jakarta Trip Report Card

  • Not your usual Taiwan itinerary (Part 1)

    Not your usual Taiwan itinerary (Part 1)

    This is my third time to Taiwan in ten years. I have been to all the major tourist attractions, save for Taroko Gorge. Nevertheless, I managed to put together a 9 days itinerary that worked well. Our trip began with sampling the beef noodles at Ling Dong Fang. At 9pm, there was still a queue. […]

  • Europe one month itinerary

    Europe one month itinerary

    The highest concentration of nations is found in none other than Europe, which means you can experience the highest diversity of culture in the shortest time here. Europe also offers much in terms of places of historical significance, natural landscape, food, shopping and more, which is why you keep having to go back. There are millions of […]

  • Hokkaido 9 days itinerary

    Hokkaido 9 days itinerary

    It took 3 days to work out this itinerary and book all the hotels, so you could say a trip to Hokkaido is actually not difficult to plan for. I do still need to work out details like where to go for meals, finding exact view points to see, as well as to book a rental car (that will […]

  • Krabi and Phuket 4 days itinerary

    Krabi and Phuket 4 days itinerary

    I grabbed cheap tickets to Krabi, at S$60 per person, from more than a year ago, and it’s time for me to work out the details of the itinerary. I guess few would do this – visit both Krabi and Phuket in the same trip. In fact, i suspect very few know that Krabi and Phuket […]

  • Pearl River Delta 5 days itinerary

    So, i picked up cheap flight tickets to Hong Kong. It cost a total of S$533 for 2 adults and 2 kids plus one piece of check-in luggage, which works out to be S$130 per person, in case you’re wondering. These are the cheapest tickets i have gotten for Hong Kong, ever. My last trip there was […]

  • Jakarta 3.5 days itinerary

    Jakarta 3.5 days itinerary

    Indonesia remains one of our favourite destinations for a short escape, and this time, we decided to fly to Jakarta. The last time we were in Jakarta was more than 5 years ago, and having spent only half a day in town in the wrong places (Ancol and Gandaria City Mall), i can’t say i have actually […]

  • Kyushu 8.5 days itinerary

    Kyushu 8.5 days itinerary

    This is the second leg of my 3 weeks holiday happening in May. Fukuoka is a mere 50 minutes’ flight from Busan, which is why I am combining a trip to Korea with a tour of Kyushu, southern Japan. Actually, the more important reason is that the open jaw flight (Singapore – Seoul, Fukuoka – Singapore) […]