Laptop Review – Fujitsu BH531


Touted as the last “book” you need, this particular model is actually targeted at students, with the claim that graduates will find the laptop adequate in serving their needs even after they leave school. I’d say this is an innovative marketing idea, since the student population is a sizable target audience. I bought this machine during the Sitex exhibition where obviously the “last book” tagline doesn’t apply. Instead, it is highlighted as being a “portable all-rounder”.

Setting up your new laptop: Part 2


The most critical part of your laptop is the battery, because it is what gives value to a laptop, allowing you to perform tasks without having to be plugged-in to a power source. At the same time, it is also the component that wears out quickest. If you don’t take care of the battery, it’s life may soon become shortened drastically. This was what happened to my previous laptop, and the battery life was cut short to only half an hour. Because of this, plus my own negligence, i put the laptop aside after the battery power was used up and forgot about the laptop altogether! So you see, not only does a short battery life render a laptop useless, it can also be dangerous.