Qoo10 product recommendation – EuropAce robotic vacuum cleaner

The Robotic vacuum cleaner has been around for well over a decade by now, and just out of curiosity, i found out that the first Roomba was selling for US$199.95. Since the market for such a product is well established by now, i can finally buy one without breaking the bank.

As the title suggests, i bought from Qoo10 instead of Taobao. Moreover, i bought from a local brand – EuropAce, because of the warranty is backed by a real service centre. I’m a big fan of EuropAce tower fans (pun unintended), so, even though i know they probably didn’t do their own product R&D for a robotic vacuum cleaner, there’s better assurance that my money doesn’t go down the drain in case something actually goes wrong. In fact, i placed my order during their pre-launch promotion without doing any research. I presume that, by now, any robotic vacuum can’t possibly perform poorly given that the technology is widely available. Continue reading Qoo10 product recommendation – EuropAce robotic vacuum cleaner

Qoo10 product recommendation – cordless vacuum cleaner

A cordless vacuum cleaner is only as good as the battery enclosed. The moment the battery dies, you basically have to toss it. For this reason, i don’t really want to buy an expensive cordless vacuum cleaner, and to me, anything above S$100 is expensive.

While i buy just about everything from Taobao, i feel hesitant when it comes to a cordless vacuum cleaner. For one thing, it is a sensitive item, since it packs a battery, and that means shipping costs more. It may still be cheaper to ship from Taobao rather than buy the exact same item from a local seller, but it just seems like a hassle. Anyway, it’s surprising to learn that the typical battery capacity of a cordless vacuum cleaner is no more than your phone battery! Continue reading Qoo10 product recommendation – cordless vacuum cleaner

Crazy Qoo10 deal at Crazy Chef

For only S$17
All the food in the photos for only S$17

Here’s an unbelievable deal: spend $17 to get $50 worth of food, with no extra service charge or GST. Crazy Chef offers this deal for $23, but if you applied the $3 off $20 MasterCard item coupon (which brings the subtotal down to S$20), and further apply the $3 off $20 MasterCard cart coupon, you pay only $17.

The prices of the food items are more than affordable to begin with – $6 for a chicken burger, $7.50 for the beef burger. The patties are homemade. They tasted really good and i highly recommend going for the burgers. The burgers come with salad and soup too! I was given a slice of the rainbow cake in lieu of the soup which was not available this week. Not a problem, the kids loved the cake!

It is impossible for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 young kids) to spend $50 on a single meal at Crazy Chef. It would take 7 adults to fully utilize the $50, which means the cost per adult is less than $2.50! Thankfully, one is allowed to order the sandwich platter, which costs $24.50, which was what we did. We would be having the sandwich for dinner.

I wonder how Crazy Chef is able to make a profit with such a deal, whereby i speculate that they only get $15 out of every Qoo10 order. I sincerely hope they will be able to survive and do well! Fresh ingredients, tasty food, super friendly service. Too hard to come by in Singapore!

Kitchen Hack: salted egg yolk everything

You don’t live on this planet if you didn’t notice the latest craze on using salted egg yolk in all kinds of food. Yes, even McDonald’s outed a salted egg yolk chicken burger. Did you ever wonder how they source for the salted egg yolk? Well, i’m no F&B industry expert, and i’m only speculating, that most of what is claimed to be salted egg yolk is salted chicken egg yolk. You say, what?! Isn’t salted egg yolk supposed to be duck egg yolk? That is wishful thinking. Nobody will be able to stomach the price of duck egg yolk. You will likely find true salted duck egg yolk dishes only at some Tze Char (all-round Chinese cooking) stalls or restaurants. Continue reading Kitchen Hack: salted egg yolk everything

Quick Meal – Grilled oxtail and Borshch soup

This is a favourite quick meal. It is very tasty and yet doesn’t involve a lot of effort. We came to love oxtail especially after our visits to Indonesia, where grilled or fried oxtail is a specialty. Grilled oxtail and Borshch soup (i’m calling it Borshch soup in the sense of being inspired by it) makes a great combo because the broth you get from cooking the oxtail is perfect for making the soup. Plus, you will have meat complemented with vegetables this way, a nutritious meal. Continue reading Quick Meal – Grilled oxtail and Borshch soup

Qoo10 product recommendation – mobile phone

My Nokia 500 that i am retiring soon. Taken with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.
My Nokia 500 that i am retiring soon. Photo taken using Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on the Telco to offer you handsets at a discounted prices when you sign on a contract with them. Now that Telcos are forced to slash prices due to competition, it is even more so, because their margin doesn’t allow them to dangle handsets to lure business anymore. In fact, i think the business has turned the other way round – they’re hoping to make money from selling the handsets along with the plan.

This bodes well for consumers, who are finally free to buy any phone they wish at any time without being psychologically influenced to think that a phone upgrade is a necessity upon every contract renewal. In any case, i have been free from that kind of mentality since more than 5 years ago. Continue reading Qoo10 product recommendation – mobile phone

Qoo10 ♥ Shopback


I never thought this would happen, but Qoo10 is now also on Shopback. All along i thought Qoo10 was doing well enough, but i guess all businesses need avenues to capture new customers. That makes life slightly more difficult for me – i need to keep track of promotions on Qoo10 that gives me discount coupons, accumulate and utilize Qpoints which are equivalent to cash, make payment using the credit card (Bank of China Shop! card) that offer rebates for online transactions, and now, i also need to initiate my shopping via Shopback. Well, if that means saving money, why not?

Update 16 Jun 2016: It must have been quite some time already that Qoo10 is no longer on Shopback.

Discounted groceries on Qoo10

Qoo10 does a lot of promotions, and the most recent one caught my attention – Super Sale coupon, whereby you get $10 off $50 and above purchase. That’s a 20% discount, which is not bad (unfortunately this promotion is already over in case you’re wondering). There is also the weekly (every Wednesday) Mastercard coupons promotion, whereby you get discounts of $1 off $2 (50%), S$2 off $5 (40%), $3 off $20 (15%), $5 off $30 (16.7%) and $10 off $100 (10%). You can combine the item discount coupons with the cart discount coupons and easily get 20% and above discounts, which is very significant.

Well, there wasn’t anything specific that i needed to buy, and after looking around for a while, i discovered that there is actually a “Groceries” category. Well, there is always a need to buy groceries right? After browsing about, i decided i could get some frozen meat from a seller called Hen Tick. I’ve been trying to source for frozen duck legs to make Sous Vide duck confit, and they are probably one of the very few suppliers in Singapore, perfect. They also have Ox tail, which we love for making Buntut Bakar. In fact, they seem to sell many items that are similar to QB Food, and they are located within the same vicinity of each other, so i can combine a visit to both places. Double perfect. Continue reading Discounted groceries on Qoo10

Lazada repeat customer, i am

My significant other requested that i get her a hair dryer. In the past, i would have just gone to Qoo10 and do the purchase. Now, i will also check with Lazada before making a decision. Lazada uses the more conventional promo code concept, whereby you get a discount when you enter a promo code, whereas Qoo10 uses a combination of loyalty points (sometimes dished out for free), coupon and time sale/group buy concepts. Well, both require you to do a bit of research before you hit the buy button, so it’s hard to say which is better, though a promo code is overall simpler. Lazada has a slight edge over Qoo10 for offering cashback through Shopback, which allows you to get rebates every single time, and also promising you low delivery fees.

Continue reading Lazada repeat customer, i am

$3 set meal courtesy of Qoo10

Qoo10 is probably the most popular online shopping site in Singapore. I’ve been a Qoo10 user for more than a year. Qoo10 succeeds in attracting shoppers by giving out incentives in the form of coupons (discounted prices) and points (cash to offset payment). Because of the volume of business Qoo10 generates, often times sellers are willing to lower their profit margin, making the prices of items on Qoo10 attractive.

Let me illustrate how i managed to pay just $3 for a $7.50 item. Firstly, I grabbed hold of coupons from the long running Qoo10 and MasterCard joint promotion (unfortunately the promotion ends today 30th Sep 2015). The coupon pack is available for use as long as payment is made with MasterCard. The coupons are applicable to purchases of $2 and above, and result in at least 10% or more of savings, which is quite significant.


Next, I took advantage of a promotion related to the ShoppingTalk app, whereby if you install the app, you are awarded 300 Q-points (equivalent to $3) and a cart discount coupon that gives $5 discount on a $10 and above purchase.


Here’s how i applied these coupons in my purchase of 2 sets of $7.50 Ayam Penyet meals: first the $2 item discount, which takes the items price from $15 down to $13. Next, i used the $5 cart discount, which takes the total price of $13 down to $8. Finally, during payment, i selected to utilize 200 Q-points, which gives me $2 to offset the payment. So, in the end, I’m paying just $3 per set meal.

The promotions mentioned above are probably no longer applicable by the time you’re reading this post, but I think you get the idea that a combination of coupons and points (which are often given out for free) will sometimes earn you pretty good deals on Qoo10.