Breakfast chronicles – Pizza

We are not quite fond of Pizza, until our visit to Naples. Italian Pizzas are quite different from the typical Americanized version that are commercially prevalent in most other parts of the world. It is quite simple, typically with no more than five ingredients for the topping. Anyway, ever since tasting the real Italian Pizza, […]

Quick Meal – Braised duck with porridge

Besides pan frying, I use the pressure cooker more than any other cooking methods. It is a time and energy saver. For pork, ox-tail and duck, nothing beats the pressure cooker in tenderizing the meat in the shortest time possible. I do Sous Vide duck confit quite often, but i don’t want to have it so often that […]

Quick Meal – Grilled oxtail and Borshch soup

This is a favourite quick meal. It is very tasty and yet doesn’t involve a lot of effort. We came to love oxtail especially after our visits to Indonesia, where grilled or fried oxtail is a specialty. Grilled oxtail and Borshch soup (i’m calling it Borshch soup in the sense of being inspired by it) makes a great combo because […]