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My default Taobao parcel forwarder is ZTO-DPEX. I used to know how to change the default forwarder but I cannot locate the place to change it currently. If you know how to do so please enlighten me by leaving a comment! By the way, the shipping fee for ZTO is the same as for Dex-i (the lowest rates): 26 Yuan for the first kg and 9 Yuan for each subsequent 0.5kg. Somehow Taobao doesn’t bother to update their website to reflect the new pricing. Another observation is that the shipping weight may be rounded down, which is advantageous to consumers. My parcels weigh a total of 3.78kg, but i was only charged the shipping fee for 3.5kg (89 Yuan or S$18.30). I wouldn’t say it is cheap, but it is fair enough.

I made purchases on Taobao during the recent 11.11 and 12.12 promotion. Even though the shipments were handled by ZTO, the local delivery were handled by Ninja Van and Road Bull respectively, likely because DPEX couldn’t handle the volume. This shows that the ZTO-DPEX pairing is loose and the local delivery can be reassigned arbitrarily by Taobao.

For my latest shipment, however, the local delivery was done by DPEX, as should have been the norm. The tracking number for deliveries handled by DPEX starts with 90. You can find the tracking number listed as 国际配送单号 in 跨境物流管理 under the 海外物流订单 tab. You can also get the local delivery update status when you click the 查看物流 of the individual parcels, without being concerned with whether the delivery was done by Ninja Van, Road Bull or DPEX.

So how did DPEX perform? Well, the delivery was done and that’s about it. There was no prior notification given on the day of delivery. There was no one at home, but i noted the “Out for delivery” status earlier in the morning and was a bit concerned about what how they were going to handle it. The delivery man called 3 times (i was driving) before sending an SMS saying he left the parcel in a safe place. I happen to arrive when he was about to leave. Well, the parcels were left in a safe place. No Complaint, but Ninja Van and Road Bull both did better simply by sending a notification about the parcel delivery/status.

I once wrote a review on the poor service rendered by DPEX, but times have changed, and you could say a standard protocol has been adopted industry wide, and just about any delivery company is reliable enough.

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  1. Qisin Avatar

    Hello, how long did the delivery took to ship from China consolidation warehouse to your house?

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Qisin, Taobao now has a 5 days guarantee for the delivery, and I guess it’s about there.

  2. yick Avatar

    Hi, is ZTO reliable? I have used Dex-i (sea shipment), but seems like I have been waited for 1 month+, my parcel still havent arrive yet. I’m thinking of using ZTO express now, but I have never used it, is it trustworthy? Will the parcel arrived?

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Yick, I’ve used Dexi and ZTO without problem. One month plus waiting is not normal, have you contacted customer service? They will be able to help you.

  3. hp Avatar

    Hi Yen Kai,

    Great sharing. Useful for me since I’m new to consolidated delivery. Thanks.

    To change courier, click on “modify courier” and deliberately click on the desired courier again even though it looks selected. It appears to be a bug.

    I just did my first purchase. Thought I selected 4PX because the radio button pointed to 4PX. But I got ZTO instead. The selected courier is displayed with small print and faint font. I did not see it for my first consolidated delivery.

  4. Michelle Avatar

    Hi, can I check how long did it take when your parcel reached Singapore till it was delivered to your address? Thanks!

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Michelle, if you’re referring to that time when I shipped via DPEX, I don’t remember anymore, but usually shipping via air takes about a week these days.

  5. Krystal Yeo Avatar
    Krystal Yeo

    hey, i have a problem with taobao direct. i bought on 17/11, logistics say its at the warehouse already but update stuck on 21/11 till now no updates. then say say contact if takes long..

    [国内段运输] 物流公司: 中通快递 客服电话: 95311 发货地址: 江西省南昌市青山湖区 北山路白水湖双港新村四区554 330107 万苏芳 13755634683

    so then says no payment?

    1. i thought pay once only?
    2. so have to pay or not?
    3. isit usual to take so long?
    4. i cant even contact them.. seller also dunno how to contact the,.

    its a bunch of wooden hangers & a kid size mannequin..

    any taobao direct experience people can help out a lost buyer? thanks!!

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Krystal, I guess the shipping duration varies and can take more than 4 days after arriving at the warehouse. There is an instant messaging platform where you can check with Taobao the status of your parcel. They will be able to tell you the local courier handling your parcel and you can check with the courier direct.

  6. Arthur Avatar


    Parcel stuck in warehouse somewhere in China, but Taobao ignores my complaint and is siding with the seller. They claimed that I have signed and received the parcel already, which is not true and is also indicated on the system (包裹信息). They are stealing my money and wasting my time.

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