Taobao product recommendation – 4A USB charger

I was looking for a USB charger primarily for use with my Intel Compute Stick. I basically did an exhaustive search on Taobao looking for a USB charger that could supply 3A on a single USB port, and believe it or not, it was hard to come by.

Just about all the USB chargers offered have a maximum cap on the current output of its individual USB ports (2.4A is quite common) despite being able to supply more than 3A overall. It was distressing trying to find what i needed, but Taobao proves itself again as the ultimate supply of all things you can imagine – i stumbled upon the Smart Power 4.

You can tell that this product is export oriented. The markings are entirely in English, and “Smart Power 4” sounds pretty good, nevermind if it looks like a very generically named OEM product. This USB charger can adjust the current output to each USB port depending on the load (quite smart indeed), so you could have 4A on a single USB port, which is just what i needed. Well, i’m typing this blog posting with the Smart Power 4 powering up my Intel Compute Stick, so it does work.

Another salient feature is the interchangeable socket connectors. You could order this product with a UK plug in addition to the standard US plug supplied, which is wonderful.

UK 3 pin plug in addition to US plug

The Smart Power 4 does not support QuickCharge, which could be a must-have feature for some, but it will charge up your mobile devices fairly quickly nevertheless, given the high current output possible.

For a reasonable price of 52 Yuan (S$11), i’m more than happy to recommend the Smart Power 4.

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