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Let me say on the onset that i am no audiophile nor expert in sound reproduction, but i am somewhat a perfectionist, and a perfectionist won’t make do with a normal off-the-shelf audio system.

More than a decade ago, i invested in a pair of Monitor Audio speakers plus a Wharfedale subwoofer. I’m happy to report that both are still working flawlessly. Now, back then, Taobao did not yet exist, so there was not much options in buying a cheap amplifier. Today, Taobao has you covered. Cheap amplifier? You bet. An amplifier is called a 功放机 in Chinese by the way.

It was when looking for a cheap audiophile quality media (audio-only) player that i stumbled upon the PJ Miaolai range of products. Eventually, i decided i would just continue using the home theatre PC i set up also a decade ago (i did have to change the motherboard though – electronics don’t last long especially if you don’t use it often). However, i did end up buying the K7 amplifier to replace my existing Sonic Impact T-Amp.

As specified on the product page, it uses the 140W TDA7498 chip, which is much more powerful than the 15W TA2024 chip of the T-Amp. Higher power improves the dynamic range and would theoretically improve the sound quality. Anyway, i would say the K7 sounded as good, if not better, than the original Sonic Impact T-Amp. Also, as claimed on the product page, it provides shielding from distortion such as during turning on/off (which were audible with the Sonic Impact), and there was almost zero hissing when no music was playing. I think for 149 Yuan (S$30) it is an excellent amplifier!

Shipped in a nice box
Thick bubble wrap
Sturdy all metal construction, and quite pretty too

You have an option to acquire your own power supply (just about any laptop adaptor will do), but i was lazy and opted to pay S$10 more for added assurance of compatibility, and i got a Lenovo branded laptop adaptor.

The Sonic Impact T-Amp that’s headed for the museum
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