Taobao product recommendation – Automatic plant watering system

No, you don’t want your plants to die when you go on extended holiday. That’s why i got hold of an automatic plant watering system from Taobao. Yes, it sounds like a fun project to DIY, but, why waste precious time when you can just buy one for only 89 Yuan (S$18.6)?

A comprehensive set including 10m of tubing and detailed instructions

It took less than half an hour for me to set up the system to water the two plants i have currently. It is designed to handle up to 10 watering points. It worked as expected. It runs on either USB power supply or 4X AAA batteries, thus you have almost complete freedom (it’s meant for indoors use) to use it anywhere. It can be adjusted to pump water for a duration of 1 to 99 seconds each time, and the interval between each watering is hourly, or up to an extreme of monthly.

As suggested, i wrapped the device in plastic since my installation is semi-outdoors

If you want something cheaper, then you can consider this. In fact, i tried to DIY a similar contraption, but it didn’t really work. Buying from Taobao is the only sensible solution you should consider.

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