Taobao product recommendation – Bluetooth transmitter and receiver

When you use a projector, you invariably encounter one problem – the projector has to be placed far away from your sound system (unless you got the now-still-very-costly short throw projector, which may come bundled with the sound system even).

Two ways to solve the problem – either you run a long HDMI/audio cable between the projector and the sound system, or, you transmit the audio signal wirelessly. These days, it is actually quite cheap to do the latter, by using Bluetooth wireless transmission.

Well, i got hold of a Bluetooth transceiver and another Bluetooth receiver. The pair cost only a total of 51.6 Yuan (S$10.3). Due to the built-in battery in the Bluetooth transceiver, it had to be shipped under sensitive shipping category, which cost almost as much as the items themselves. Oh well, they’re still very cheap for what they are.

Bluetooth transceiver
Bluetooth receiver

They just work out of the box even though they are from different manufacturers. Upon powering up, the transmitter searches and pairs with any Bluetooth receiver it can find. It does so by using the default pass code “0000” (this is FYI and you don’t have to worry about this part). Sound clarity met my expectations, and there was no audible lag.

In the featured photo at the top, you can see my Chromecast plugged into the projector, and the audio output from the projector plugged into the Bluetooth transmitter, which then sends the audio signal to the Bluetooth receiver, which is plugged into my sound system.

For this price, you couldn’t ask for more.

Update: when your room is crowded (many mobile phones transmitting Wifi), the signal gets disrupted and the sound may be intermittent at times.

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