Taobao product recommendation – Book/Tablet/Laptop stand

It’s tiring having to hold a book or tablet. Instead of just reading, you have to apply effort to keep the page open or a tablet at a suitable viewing angle. These undoubtedly rob part of the joy or reading or viewing. And who uses a Laptop on the lap? You will end up with a hunchback and all sorts of problems from poor posture. That’s why a book/tablet/laptop stand makes sense.

Again there are plenty of choice on Taobao. It took me a while to find the right one. Most of the cheaper ones use a spring metal clip to keep the page open, but it makes me worry about damaging the book and it introduces a lot of difficulty to page flipping. You might end up tearing the page when trying to flip quickly.

I do like wooden or bamboo ones, and they’re surprisingly cheap (20+ Yuan), but they all come with the spring metal clip. In the end, i chose an Actto unit, a Korean brand. The design is very innovative. I’ll just let the images on the product box do the talking.

I’m nost impressed with the paper clip that can be reconfigured to be placed on the top or the side

I also very much prefer the page restrainer mechanism that does not involve any spring action. Makes flipping pages easier.

The perfect mechanism to keep book pages open

All in all, i think this is a very practical item especially if you have kids who like to read, from a book or e-reader or tablet.

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