Taobao product recommendation – Christmas gifts for under S$3

Christmas is just around the corner. I think many people are preparing to do Christmas gifts shopping soon. If you are looking into buying low cost gifts for kids in bulk, here are some suggestions:

1. 3D Puzzles

I’ve mentioned about buying these 3D Puzzles in a previous post. I still think this is a fantastic gift idea, suitable for boys and girls. I particularly like the “3D World Style” series and the famous buildings of the world series, which cost S$2.90 and S$1.60 respectively.

2. Korean style stationery

I think these cute stamps, together with the multicoloured ink pads, will appeal to most girls. They come in at S$0.70 and S$0.40 respectively.

3. Burr Puzzle (孔明锁)

These classical Chinese puzzles have elements of fun, education, aesthetic and tradition, all-in-one. Individually, they cost S$0.50 to S$1.30, or you can buy a set of 25 pieces for S$24. Mostly for boys.

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