Taobao product recommendation – Floor wiggle cleaner

There’s nothing quite like this quaint product. The brand name – 洒哇地卡 (which they abbreviate as SWDK) sounds like the Thai “hello” greeting. A silly brand name if you ask me. But, the product actually works! It cleans the floor by wiggling the attached cleaning pads back and forth.

Here’s a video to show the product at work:

I have owned this product for well over a year now, and recently found it to be actually quite useful. True, you could just use a pad mop to mop the floor, but with the wiggle motion performed by the SWDK reduces the need to exert effort on your part. If there are stains on the floor, you could press the SDWK down against the stain and it will be cleared.

The product ships with a few different pads – general wet cleaning pad, dry wiping, mopping and also for polishing. I tried using the polishing pad for buffing parquet floors and it is wonderful!

Polishing (left) and general cleaning pad (right)

I probably own the very first generation product, and the battery is surprisingly long lasting. The battery is a whopping 4200mAh (in comparison, typical cordless vacuum cleaners only have 1300m-2000Ah batteries). A single charge actually lasts a long time (2 weeks of intermittent use).

Pressing the green button is supposed to spray water onto the floor, but that function broke down not long after initial use.

Going by the user reviews and sales volume, the product actually sells quite well in China. Probably won’t gain traction elsewhere, since people are more used to the regular mop, but i would recommend getting one if you would like to do buffing of floor. A worthy addition to my arsenal of cleaning equipment.

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