Taobao product recommendation – glasses cleaning agent

If you’re a freak like me who cannot tahan (cannot stand) wearing reading glasses with watermarks, grease and dirt sticking to it, then you need a proper cleaning agent to keep it clean.

I didn’t like the idea of using the microfiber cloth to wipe the glasses since that to me feels more like spreading the grease around. I thought i could just wash the glasses with hand soap, but it turned out to be a bad idea. Soap is too strong and damages the lens coating. So within two years i ended up with lenses that are perpetually dirty. So i did two things – getting a new pair of glasses and getting a proper cleaning agent (S$2.50 for a box of 6).

I tried the cleaning agent on my very dirty lenses and it could actually remove quite a bit of dirt and grease, but not the stubborn ones, so i had to use the microfiber cloth. Seems like the cleaning routine for me now is to spray the cleaning agent, wipe with microfiber cloth and finally applying running water. Does a fine job.

In any case, it is dirt cheap to make a pair of glasses nowadays (unless you need progressive lenses). If you have your eye prescription, you can make a pair of glasses on Taobao for as low as 57 Yuan (S$12.10)! For 1.61 index which is what i’m using now, it cost 87 Yuan (S$18.50). And that’s with blue light filter too. I paid S$89 for my new pair (eye test included though).

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