Taobao product recommendation – high speed blender

I never thought i needed a blender until i was introduced to Dr Tom Wu’s nutritional approach. He advocates consuming the Phytochemical found in plants, and he suggests that the best way to get them is to break down the plant cell walls using a high speed blender. This is a very subjective matter, and nobody has a conclusive say on whether Dr Wu’s claims are true. Nevertheless, i was sold on trying out the blender. For one thing, i know i will be consuming more fruits and vegetables when i make it a point to put something into the blender every now and then.

Another valid point is that when food is already chopped into tiny bits, the nutrition is more easily absorbed. Also, unlike a juicer, you will consume the whole fruit or vegetable, which allows you to get more out of it. It is definitely more filling too, so you can make do with buying less food. Good for mother earth.

Vitamix is probably the industry leading brand when it comes to high speed blenders, and they can spin in excess of 20000 RPM. I wouldn’t cough up US$300 for one, not when there is enough demand for high speed blenders to trigger mass manufacturing in China. You are spoilt with choices on Taobao. I eventually went with the Hattiecs (i wonder if the brand owners know how to pronounce that). I managed to snag it for 599 Yuan (S$121) end September last year, and it is now retailing for 749 Yuan (S$151). It has a feature that its competition doesn’t – vacuum sealing! This prevents oxidation, which allows you to keep the blended stuff fresh for an extended time, and you don’t have to consume them in a hurry.

The puree i got from blending a carrot, a celery stalk and half an orange plus a glass of water. The result is certainly smooth enough for drinking.

All in all, i highly recommend this blender. Usage is so simple, and it does what it promises. I will try making porridge next time.

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