Taobao product recommendation – Kitchen deep-frying oil filter

One of the reasons i don’t like to cook deep-fried food, besides health considerations, is having to deal with of the leftover oil. The Japanese have a solution to this – a filtration oil storage pot.

As pictured above, there is a wire mesh to filter away the sediments in the  oil after frying stuff. The mesh size is probably just nice. If it is any more fine, it becomes clogged up easily the oil won’t be able to pass through. I find it useful for filtering soup as well, which can often have lots of sediments also. At 1.4 litres for the small sized pot, it can hold quite a bit of liquid.

Comes with the “original” labels in Japanese

I do have a worry when buying items meant for export to Japan – you might get the items that have failed quality control. I don’t remember whether it was so out-of-the-box, but there is a scratch mark on my oil filter piece. Also, there is one section of the coating that is already prone to flaking off. This could have been my own doing, but there is definitely the nagging feeling within that this was indeed a fail-QC item.

Anyway, i doubt the minor blemishes would pose any problem to health concern (especially if it is often coated in oil), and i will continue using the pot. Nevertheless, do keep in mind this word of caution if you’re interested to purchase the same. Otherwise, for “ultimate” safety, go for a 304 stainless steel one.

For even better filtration, you might want to get this filter paper as well.

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