Taobao product recommendation – LED light strip replacement kit

I once mentioned that if you bought LED lighting that comes integrated within a housing, you may have to replace the entire LED light, including the housing, when it stops working or becomes too dim. Turns out that this is no longer the case, and you may be able to replace the light strip within.

I bought this kit to replace a fluorescent tube that has broken down. There is no point buying a replacement fluorescent tube when the LED light strip replacement kit costs only 5.80 Yuan (S$1.20), inclusive of domestic shipping! The price is simply unbelievable. In most other countries, the delivery alone would have cost much more than S$1.20. I’m pretty sure a fluorescent tube costs minimally S$3. And of course, an LED light should last much longer.

I went for the cheapest option, a “try me” promotional item, since it is meant for the store room which has low usage. I would have preferred a lower power version – 24W is kind of overkill for replacing an 18W fluorescent tube. But, at this pricing, what the heck, just go for the lowest.

Quite well packed actually, in a triangular box
No extra padding inside but it was unscathed
The “input” and “output” markings are reversed, that’s why it’s being sold cheaper. Who cares.
And it’s supposed to go onto this housing
It fits perfectly. Since it is quite light, double sided tape worked just fine.
LED lighting is much simpler than fluorescent tube lighting – just connect the LED driver to the mains. It worked!
There you go, completed in less than 30 minutes.

Now i have less of a worry that some of the LED lighting at home might break down. Though, it may be hard to find the cool white version of the LED strip replacement kit.

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