Taobao product recommendation – monitor arm

It never occurred to me before, but a monitor arm is a fantastic way to save desktop (the physical one) space and save your neck.

The stand that normally comes with a monitor hardly gives you sufficient height so you can look at the monitor at eye level, as well as closer to you so you don’t have to squint (the alternative remedy is to use an ultra large monitor). With a monitor arm, you can quickly adjust the height to suit the user, be it an adult or a child.

Now you see it..
Now you still see it.. up against the wall. Notice the desktop space that is freed up.

The monitor arm pictured above was given to me. I went on to buy another one, the cheapest one available, the North Bayou F80, at 99 Yuan (S$20). It’s probably the most widely used monitor arm around.

Comes in a nice box, and it is obviously export oriented
Very well packed

I pair the monitor arm with a notebook tray to mount my portable monitor. That must sound very confusing. Well, I bought this portable monitor as a replacement for my laptop display, but I use the laptop as a desktop almost all the time (using a laptop introduces terrible strain to your neck and shoulders and one should avoid that as much as possible). So, I need to mount the portable monitor somewhere, with the flexibility of detaching the monitor quickly to bring away with the laptop. It has to be some sort of tray that does not require any screw-on fixture.

There is only one such product available on Taobao, by Loctek. It pairs with the NB F80 perfectly. At 54 Yuan (S$11) it seems expensive, relative to the price of the F80 that is, but overall as a set, the price is wonderfully cheap for such a functional piece of hardware.

The portable monitor sits on the notebook tray with its protective sleeves on
I can easily swing the monitor arm to one side and free up a lot of desktop space. The arm is at its maximum height, and there is a 10 degrees upward tilt to the monitor, but this seems to work just nice for me.
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