Taobao product recommendation – multi egg frying pan

Multi egg frying pan

I wasn’t going to recommend this frying pan, until now. Well, i was expecting it to be non-stick enough to require little to no oil/fat when frying eggs, which isn’t the case. It only works when you use a small amount of oil/fat (as you do with the typical non-stick egg frying pan), which i now feel is acceptable, since fried eggs taste better with a bit of oil/fat anyway.

The main advantage of this frying pan is of course being able to fry up to 4 eggs at a time, which is a major time saver when you’re preparing a meal for a few people. I like the size of the eggs you get – small (as pictured above) and slightly tall (the photo above is deceptive – you won’t get the straight edges). To make sure the top part of the eggs are cooked, you need to cover the pan when frying the eggs. A cover is not supplied, but you can just use whatever pan cover you already have.

I love poached eggs more than i do fried, and i experimented with using this pan for making poached eggs, since the hollow looked quite deep and i thought that would keep the eggs in place. The initial attempts were disastrous – the egg whites drifted all over the place and the egg got stuck to the pan, since i did not use any oil at all. Then i improvised – I would dribble a little oil and fry the eggs for a short while until the base of the egg is slightly firm, and then i pour hot water until they cover the eggs and cook them, covered. While the result isn’t exactly poached eggs, the texture is certainly not that of fried eggs, so i’m still pretty happy with the results. I would do this for eggs that are eaten with a bowl of soup noodle. If you want real poached eggs, well, there’s no shortcut to it. I chanced upon this excellent video today on how to cook eggs and it does show you the proper way to do poached eggs, do check it out.

Cooked eggs
Cooked eggs

For 59 Yuan (S$13), i think this was worthy buy from Taobao.

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