Taobao product recommendation – Smoking gun food smoker

Smoked food tastes good. We all know this because everybody loves BBQ and grilled food right? Health concerns aside, we want to eat smoked food once in a while. Most of us don’t have the luxury of using a smoker at home (large cabinet with wood burning at the bottom, or stove top smoker which i suspect still generates more smoke than desirable indoors), especially since many of us live in a high rise building. I was wondering if there was an easier way. Well, there is a micro smoker in the form of a “smoking gun”.

I bought this food smoker for just 88 Yuan (S$17.70) and it even comes with four boxes of wood chips. I was hoping to get four different types of wood chips but they were all Apple wood. Oh well, for such a low price I cannot complain. I suppose Apple wood chips are the cheapest – they’re in plentiful supply in China. Although the sticker label on the wood chip box is of a Spanish brand, i highly doubt that is really the case. It’s just locally sourced wood chips. In any case, i placed another order to also get Oak, Pecan and Hickory wood chips. They are pretty cheap anyway (S$3.60 per box).

The smoking gun is as rudimentary as it gets (you get what you pay). In any case, the more expensive ones perform similarly, so why pay more. There is no instruction manual at all so you’ll have to figure out how to use it. Well, it’s just a matter of lighting up the wood chips and pulsing on the fan to suck the smoke into the chamber.

Wood chips set alight using stove top flame
I did not use much wood chips and as a result there wasn’t a lot of smoke, but there was smoke indeed
A mixture of steam and smoke because i fried my salmon first before placing it inside the chamber. Next time i might just smoke it first, although I’m guessing the order doesn’t matter so much. The taste of the smoke was noticeable in the Salmon, and it worked well. Too much smokiness would have been overpowering.

All in all, i think this product worked as advertised. I will be smoking ham and bacon when i get my Hickory wood chips. You do get cashback for this product through Shopback (referral link), don’t miss out.

Update: The additional wood chips I ordered was rejected by ezbuy parcel forwarding warehouse, probably due to fire hazard. The initial purchase of the smoking gun which came with four boxes of wood chips escaped their attention i suppose. It is still possible to ship the wood chips via other sea freight shipping services.

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