There’s no way you can cut vegetable into strips quickly and evenly with a knife. If you searched on Taobao, you will find quite a few variations of tools to help you do that. They don’t look convincing. In the end i settled on the tried and true method – the Japanese method.

The original Japanese spiral shredder. Rather expensive, at 135 Yuan (S$27)

I wasn’t quite willing to spend so much on a tool that i only use sparingly, so i went for an alternative – a knockoff. 55 Yuan (S$11) is a more than acceptable price for such a tool. It even comes with 4 different blades so you can shred the vegetable into different widths. The suction pad grips the table top very well. The shredded vegetable are not entirely even, but that doesn’t bother me. The box and instructions enclosed are entirely in English, so it’s an export oriented item. Overall, it works as advertised and i am very pleased with the purchase.

Instruction leaflet in English
Believe it or not i bought the tool just to make this – Rosti
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    1. Hi Ade, I personally don’t like the mandoline slicer type as I feel there is a lot of wastage. Say you slice a potato, probably one third of it will be left unsliced.

      Yes I noticed that Taobao sells the original Japanese spiral slicer (example but they cost more than double compared to the one I bought. I just don’t use it often enough to justify getting the real Japanese one, and yes, I would think it works better than the one I got, though mine has the advantage of slicing into different widths, whereas the Japanese one does only thread like width.

  1. Do you find the blades sharp, is it effortless when turning?

    I bought a cheap peeler to do the shredding and it’s quite time consuming as I have to separate the strands. Thinking of getting something like this but the Japanese ones are $50-ish!

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