Taobao product recommendation – USB-C OTG Cable

Having upgraded my phone, i needed a replacement OTG cable, a USB-C one instead of micro USB (specifically a USB-C to USB-A female). There are plenty of similar products on Taobao as expected.

I prefer one that comes with a cable, rather than a thumb-drive-like one. If you prefer the latter, then it would be this UGreen branded one that has the highest sales volume currently. For the cable type, i chose, at random, a high-sales volume one, the Pisen branded one (as pictured in the feature photo). This Jingston branded one is similar. The cable type is definitely more flexible and preferable to the thumb-drive type, IMHO.

It’s not specified on the product page, but a micro USB to USB-C adapter is actually thrown in, and it turned out to be so useful. It allows you to plug in all your legacy devices that is using micro USB.

I tested the OTG cable, plugging in a USB hub which has a keyboard and mouse connected to it. Worked as advertised. Being USB 3.0, you would be able to plug in a USB 3.0 storage device and get good transfer speed. At only 13.9 Yuan (S$2.80), it is a good buy indeed.

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