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The built-in Wifi adapter of a laptop doesn’t usually have strong signal transmission capability. In my case, it can’t even connect to my router and i need to rely on an external adapter. Again, in my case, even the existing adapter i had on hand (ipTime N150UA) wasn’t good enough. I needed something with a really long antenna.

The Mercury MW150UH is the one with the highest sales volume on Taobao. There are two versions of the product, one that requires driver installation and the other that is said to be “driverless”. I went for the “driverless”, which sells for 29.90 Yuan (S$6). When i plugged it into my laptop, nothing happened. Had a look at the instruction manual enclosed, and it says to install the driver. Duh.. i wonder what it means to be “driverless”. In contrast, all the other USB Wifi adapters i have tried so far installs automatically. Anyway, when you first plug the adapter into your PC, it configures itself as a CD-ROM drive, and there is a setup file in the drive, which installs within a minute.

The box is most certainly crushed by the time you receive it.
Super long antenna

So, here’s the performance comparison between my existing ipTime N150UA and the Mercury MW150UH.

You can see that the signal strength is very weak for the ipTime
The download speed achieved with the Mercury was 3.7 times that of the ipTime

Definitely a huge speed bump. If you happen to be using your laptop or PC in the corner of your house that has poor Wifi signal reception, you can give this one a try.

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2 responses to “Taobao product recommendation – USB Wifi adapter”

  1. Ade Avatar

    thanks for the recommendation i will give it a try

    do u still use 86of?

    heard the delivery uncle just quit……

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Ade. I’ve not used 86of for a long time, mostly because I didn’t need to ship many bulky stuff. For my next sea freight, I’m thinking of using ezbuy, seems like they have competitive pricing and I feel they are reliable.

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