Taobao product recommendation – Wireless Microphone, replaceable battery for receiver

I have previously gotten a set of wireless microphone. Having been mistaken that it is spoilt, which i later found out was not the case, i went ahead to buy another set. This time round, i chose one that came with replaceable lithium battery for the receiver unit, so that it will be future proof from battery failures. The previous microphone set i bought uses non-replaceable lithium battery.

I wasn’t quite willing to pay more for the new wireless microphone, so i got this generic one that is even cheaper (65 Yuan or S$12.80) than the SAST OK-91 (89 Yuan). As you can see in the featured image above, it tries to mimic the Pioneer brand, with an illegible English brand name.

A comprehensive package that includes a nice container bag

Overall, the microphone feels slightly more cheapo than the SAST one. Voice clarity seems on par, but this microphone has more problem than one – there is a constant high pitch whining sound (which can be toned down using an equalizer), and it is too sensitive in picking up noise generated by contact with the microphone handle. If you were to shift your hand slightly, the noise will be picked up and amplified. The SAST microphone absorbs these noise far better. I suppose it can still be used by someone who is able to just grip the microphone without shifting their fingers at all.

I discovered that the two sets of microphone can be used interchangebly, even though they’re supposed to be running on different frequencies (759.8Mhz and 768.85Mhz). They cannot be used together at the same time, which is a pity. I guess it was not a worthy buy. In the end, it just serves as a backup, especially the receiver unit. If you are looking to buy a wireless microphone, the SAST OK-91 is probably the most economical choice, with proven reliability.

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