Taobao under S$5 Christmas gifts for adults

I hope you will not be receiving another mug for Christmas this year. Don’t be the one giving one either. Here are some gift ideas that will probably count as being at least marginally useful and having enough novelty to avoid ending up in the trash can. They’re pretty cheap too.

Newton’s cradle

I used to dream of owning one of these as a kid. A good way to de-stress, and usually look nice on any office desk. Costs only 9.90 Yuan (S$2.05) for the smallest one.

Magnetic decorative balls

Also meant for de-stressing, you can arrange the balls any way you wish. I can imagine anyone spending 10 minutes just playing with it, and also play with it repeatedly. 19.90 Yuan (S$4.15).


Wood fridge magnet and magnetic wood button

Fridge magnet
Fridge magnet
Magnetic wood button

Wood, well, you can’t argue with wood. It is naturally elegant. The fridge magnet is only 3.90 Yuan (S$0.80) while the magnetic wood button is also quite affordable at 14 Yuan (S$2.90).


3D imprint picture frame

Looks fun to play with while also incorporating elements of art and memory. Priced at 15.80 Yuan (S$3.25) for the smallest set.


Totoro figurines

I’m not sure if these are made with license from Studio Gibhli (i doubt so), but they look nice and come in many configurations. Starting price of 16.90 Yuan (S$3.50).

I have also previously written about Christmas gifts for kids.

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