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I’ve been wanting to write this article for some time but interestingly, i’ve just lost my Android phone! So this is a bit like a post-mortem dump. After the excitement of getting a new phone and experimenting with Apps has worn out, the Apps i found myself using frequently were:

Jorte Calendar – Offers both Calendar and Tasks functionalities that are both synced with your Google account. As at the time i started using this App (probably almost a year ago), this was the only App that offered Google Tasks capability in addition to Google Calendar. Furthermore, i also like the “Agenda” style calendar widget that lists your calendar items in full, plus the widget to display your task list as well. I think no other calendar App is as comprehensive as this one.

Singapore Map – The mobile App by (which i think most people would know offers rather detailed maps for Singapore). More than just offering maps, this App gives you directions and even calculates the ERP incurred for the route. Infinitely better than Google Maps. Beware that the directions could be wrong sometimes.

SwiFTP – Somehow i didn’t manage to get Dropbox and the like to work. SwiFTP, an FTP server that runs on your Android phone, works just as well, if not better, for transferring files wirelessly between a phone and a computer. While i think most people are probably not able to handle the initial setup required for connecting an FTP client to the SwiFTP server, once setup, most people should be able to handle using an FTP client to transfer files between the phone and the computer.

K-9 Mail – Email client for Android phone. Probably better than the stock email App that comes with your phone.

ColorNote – A simple note taking App with widget capability for displaying notes.

Not a long list, but these are Apps i can’t do without.

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