UOB Gold and Silver Prices chart launched


Since i have just opened both the UOB Gold and Silver savings accounts recently, i decided to create a chart to track the prices. Though charts for spot prices of Gold and Silver are available, they are denominated in USD. The prices as published by UOB probably has some transaction fee built into it, but nevertheless, they are useful for tracking the movement of Gold and Silver prices in SGD, not just for those who actually hold such accounts. So, there you go, the UOB Gold and Silver Prices chart!

As a side note, since the chart is currently updated manually, i cannot guarantee that i will be able to do so daily. It is actually possible to have it updated automatically using cron and some PHP scripting. This is yet another interesting weekend project which i probably won’t be able to find time to do in the coming year.. Happy New Year to all by the way!

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