Watch out for the currency conversion fee!

I’ve not done a purchase from iHerb for a long time (or any foreign website), and i’ve forgotten about how to go about it. What i normally do is pay with the YouTrip card, since the items are denominated in USD. Well, you know that one way merchants make money is to charge you in your local currency and earn extra from the currency exchange commission as well. You will definitely end up paying more than if you chose to pay in the original currency, i.e. USD.

Now, things get worse when, not only do you pay extra in currency exchange to the merchant (iHerb), you’ll also pay a currency conversion fee to the bank (in my case Citibank 1%), when they know that they’ve lost out on earning the currency exchange! It’s double loss to you!


Just to share this so you’ll be careful. Definitely do all your foreign currency purchases with the YouTrip or equivalent account.

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