What to see between Washington DC and Niagara Falls

Both Washington DC and the Niagara Falls are usually must-sees for the East Coast of the US. The problem with going to both of these places is in choosing what to see en-route from DC to Niagara or vice versa, which is almost 8 hours apart by car.

For my trip I have chosen to stop at Gettysburg and Watkins Glen. I’m not a history buff, but there’s some meaning in standing on the grounds where tens of thousands laid their lives fighting in the American Civil War.

Various houses on the battleground were preserved.


One of the many monuments set up in the area.

A very serene setting.

The Dobbin House Tavern is a nice place to stop for lunch.

The Sachs covered bridge.

Watkins Glen is just half an hour away from Corning, where the Corning Museum of Glass is located and where many tour buses make a stop. It takes just an hour or so (including photo taking time) to hike up the gorge trail.

The trail leads you walking under waterfalls. It feels a bit like having a fantasy dream fulfilled.

Water pouring down right in front of you.

This waterfall is like a scene from a fantasy themed movie, except it is REAL.

And you walk under it.

Rock, water, trees. Perfect.

The Niagara Falls is about 3 hours drive from Watkins Glen. To do Watkins Glen and Niagara Falls in a day, you’ll have to skip the American side of the Niagara Falls. There is a huge car park just below Skylon Tower and from there it is less than 10 minutes walk downhill to the falls. You will have to walk uphill on the way back.

The size of the falls is awe inspiring. I have been to the American side as well and I must say that if you have limited time, you should just see the Canadian side.

The brink of the falls. The water is so voluminous that you can see a thick translucent layer of water over the brink.

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