86OF Lost Parcel

And so it happened to me, as predicted by myself. My very first parcel that is nowhere to be found in 86OF’s warehouse.

You may have ended up reading this post because you had the same fate. What I have to say to you is, don’t panic! Most likely, the parcel will be found. Also, don’t get angry nor too worried. It doesn’t help at all. Just take the logical steps toward finding your parcel and hope for the best. That’s all you can do anyway. Yelling at the customer service does nothing to help your cause.

Based on my experience, here’s likely the series of events that will take place when your parcel is lost.

  1. You notice that your parcel is not registered into your account after 3 days it has been delivered to the warehouse (签收). You get worried. At this point in time, contacting customer service does not help at all. Well, I did so, and all I got in reply was a link to an FAQ on their website, which basically tells you to retrieve the signed courier delivery slip from the Taobao seller. I think most people’s reaction is reluctance, but there is a valid reason for having to go through the hassle – the warehouse personnel will have to take in all parcels that arrive at the warehouse, even those that do not properly identify the owner. Returning the parcel to the seller is not the right thing to do, you’ll have to agree right? I guess most people will expect that all is well when the courier delivery status is indicated as “delivered”, but sometimes there can be problems in identifying who the parcel belongs to. And of course, the warehouse staff can misplace parcels too, like in my case.
  2. Most people will be reluctant to get the courier delivery slip from the seller because it sounds like hassle. Well, I felt the same way, but i just asked the seller anyway. What’s so difficult about asking a question, right? To my surprise, I asked the seller (night time), and got a prompt reply they will check with the courier company. The next morning, I checked with them again, and within hours, I got the courier delivery slip. So easy! The seller was happy to oblige with the request. Moral of the story – asking for the courier delivery slip may not be such a big deal afterall.

    Just like that
  3. After I provided the evidence of the courier delivery slip to 86of, they set about getting the warehouse staff to find the parcel. I had to check with them 3 times before the parcel was finally found, 6 days later.

I guess overall, it wasn’t such a bad experience. There’s a delay in getting the shipment, and that’s just part of the price you pay for the relatively cheap shipping fee. You’ll have to share some of the workload in doing follow up every now and then. Suits me just fine.

There is a notice on 86of’s website about minimizing the chances of lost parcel (to almost zero) – they advice you to ask the seller to write your branch and user id with a marker pen on your parcel. This is called a 唛头. They ask you to leave a comment to the seller, but i felt the comment looks too intimidating. I prefer to just say it more politely “请在我的包裹上用大头笔写上AMK XXXX,谢谢”. For my latest shipment of 3 parcels, i left this comment to the sellers. Let’s see if they will do as instructed..

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  1. Momo Avatar

    Hi, I’ve been using sk 86of for the past 1 year after I’ve read your reviews on it. Great for buying things for new house! However recently they have some change in warehouse and their system… So going forward it seems like can only inform customer service if you want to ship out n they will male arrangements accordingly. But that also mean you are unable to track via system what has arrived and the weight of the items. Bad for ppl like me who will just keep ordering to hit the 1 cubic weight. Do you know if I can order via other 86of and get them to deliver to sk? Heard that each 86of is actually standalone/franchise… Thanks!

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Momo, actually i don’t think they would operate that way. I just checked the website (http://sk.86of.com/user.php), it looks like their regular website that allows you to track parcel arrival at warehouse. Also, if you always want home delivery, it’s best that you use the HQ branch AMK (http://amkb.86of.com/), because all home delivery probably go through HQ anyway. Also, you can get free home delivery from 0.5 cubic metre and above (S$59), so you don’t have to hit 1 CBM. Yes, each 86of is franchise and i prefer to just go with the HQ branch always. I think the branches only make sense if you want to self collect and you live very far away from AMK.

  2. Ade Avatar

    First must thks YenKai for teaching us ” 请在我的包裹上用大头笔写上AMK XXXX,谢谢”
    really useful!!!

    1 tough thing for buyer for free delivery of 0.5CMB is one must hit 0.5CMB exactly…nothing more nothing less
    1 CMB no issue but unless u getting bulky item like table/ dinning chairs (min a pair), else 1 CMB is really a lot a lot

    so far so good since using 86OF, at least for me

    but just to confirm no more air delivery from 86OF?

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Ade, you’re welcome. I haven’t shipped stuff for a while and 86of seems to have changed their pricing a lot, mostly for the better? Now the shipping is priced in Yuan. Also, home delivery is now chargeable for 0.5CBM (45 Yuan). They pricing information they posted is conflicting.. they’re still quite disorganized.

      Air shipping is still available and it includes home delivery, and it looks expensive.

  3. Ade Avatar

    shipping in SGD
    0.5cmb still S$59 n 1cmb S$90

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Ade, I guess the new pricing in Yuan only applies to the head office AMK for now. This is their announcement.
      Anyway, to get the free home delivery that is included for 0.5CBM, you can always opt to pay the $59 even when your actual CBM falls short. It will be worthwhile probably when you hit 0.4 CBM (which cost $13 X 4 = $52 and you just top up $7 for delivery).

      1. Ade Avatar

        Mine is bugis 86OF ,,,,and no airfreight as told in whatsapp by coordinator in SG

        how to opt to pay 0.5CMB when only 0.4CMB?
        there is no option during checkout

        1. yenkai Avatar

          Hi Ade, I’ve done it before (see below – I paid $59 to get the free delivery for 0.47 CBM of goods). When you submit the shipment, you need to select the radio button that says free delivery. You may have assumed that it is a default value that you cannot change, but actually you can.

          Free delivery by opting to pay $59

  4. Ade Avatar

    I remember only see 2 option

    1. self collect 2. deliver to home

    than next option is 1. sensitive shipment 2. normal shipment

    after click normal shipment it will auto tabulate

    now nothing inside to check as waiting for my 100kg+++ of items heehee

    if after check i do not see, maybe i join AMK 86OF as well
    since bugis and AMK diff pattern of delivery

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Ade, maybe there’s a difference between the desktop and mobile version and you were using the mobile version? Not sure. If you always want home delivery then better to join HQ AMK. All the parcels go through them anyway I think. But now have to pay in Yuan, I haven’t checked on how to do that..

      1. Ade Avatar

        I always using desktop version.
        Prefer home delivery though bugis is a convenient place to collect for me though parking is a pain over there

  5. Ade Avatar

    Since u expert in china online shopping, wondering do u know how can we buy from alibaba.com (1688)?
    I cannot do payment from alipay? they said need to verify via alipay? i tried but in vain. is it a MUST to have china address/bank account/mobile?

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Ade, I know a thing or two about China online shopping, but not so much on importing trading goods. Interestingly though, I do have an account on alibaba.com way before it was practically possible to buy stuff from Taobao. Anyway, I just tried making a purchase and got to the payment page, and credit card payment is actually an option. Since alibaba.com is about selling China goods to overseas customers, I don’t think you need a Chinese bank account. If you’re in China though (as a tourist), you’ll realize that you minimally need a Chinese mobile number to be able to use their online services, and a lot of times you also need a Chinese identity card.

      alibaba credit card payment

  6. Ade Avatar

    thanks for the reply. nvm lah taobao more than enough for shop n me not doing trading business…just that frd telling me alibaba things are much cheaper haha

    btw i got shipment now
    i cfm there is not radio button on payment page as u mention

    see pic http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=3486pw3&s=9#.W5fK1_Z9icw

    so guess i go open 1 AMK account haha

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Ade, I hope your friend understands what MOQ means – minimum order quantity.

      Don’t remember how I did it, maybe they removed the option to “upgrade” to 0.5 CBM. Guess I won’t find out because I don’t ship that much stuff these days..

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