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I suspect not many people know this – you can actually buy automotive parts on Amazon. Many of these parts are eligible for the free AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping. The prices are ridiculously lower. It’s a no-brainer, buy from Amazon!

At the very least, you can buy air filters which you can easily change yourself (just search Youtube to find out how). A generic cabin air filter costs me close to $30 from the workshop. The FRAM branded one pictured above (has added baking soda and carbon to freshen the air) cost US$15.99 (~S$21.60).


Amazon helps you to refine your search results to show only those that fit your car, which is very handy, though it will sometimes filter out results that actually do fit your car, since the car model for the US market may be slightly different from those sold in Singapore (or it may not be available in the US market at all). Therefore, you should do your due diligence to find out the exact part number you want to buy.

For the Bosch Platinum IR Fusion Spark Plug pictured above, i was quoted S$85 for a set of 4 from a local shop. It costs US$7.72 each on Amazon, which comes up to US$30.88 (~S$42) for 4, so it’s literally half priced! By the way, i could feel a difference to the engine performance with these spark plugs.

To be honest, i don’t know much about car parts. If it didn’t occur to you before, i trust that now, you, car expert, will be most delighted to source your parts from Amazon. For me, brake pads is next..

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