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I bought the Update International (KP-05) 9″ German Steel Offset Bread Knife for slicing bread (obviously). If you used a chopper knife, you’ll end up squashing the bread. I haven’t used any other bread knife before, so i don’t know how this particular one from Update International compares with other brands and makes, but it works very well for me.

If you read the reviews in the Amazon product page, you’ll notice that some of the reviews tell you that this knife not only slices bread, but also many other things. How true it is.

I use it to slice watermelon. A watermelon is much like a bread – the flesh is soft, and you don’t want to squash it. This knife slices through the watermelon like butter without juicing the flesh much.

I also use this knife to cut, get this, frozen meat. A chopper will not go through frozen meat, but the pointed tips on this knife allow you to exert enough pressure on frozen meat to be able to saw through it.

Now, i am not advocating that you do this, as there is some danger involved. It still requires considerable strength to cut through a slab of frozen meat with this knife, so this is not a job for ladies in general. The trick is to push the knife through the meat in a see-saw fashion, and the knife will go through the meat at least half way. It does help if the meat is slightly thawed.

Anyway, the reason for having to slice frozen meat is, you can’t always use up the entire piece of meat, while at the same time, you’re not supposed to refreeze thawed meat. I’m not sure how many people do this, but i found myself having to do this often. And this Update International bread knife holds up very well.

Frozen stingray. Does pork belly as well.
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