Another mission impossible trip


Going on a trip on 20 May. This is the longest trip i will embark on yet, both in duration and distance. It probably looks impossibly crazy or even silly to some. Country count: 4 (which is little compared to the usual 9 or 10 countries i do for each Europe trip). Duration: 39 days (previous record 35).

As usual, i try to cover all the must-sees, which would include the following:

Japan (9 days)

  • Kyoto and Nara – basically overloaded with temples and shrines. Ranks high on the must-do list.
  • Castles – Osaka (a reconstruction but since i will be in Osaka, why not), Himeji and Matsumoto
  • Hiroshima and Miyajima – UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Tokyo – not much to see here but much to eat and shop
  • Mount Fuji – rather than making a specific stop to see Mount Fuji, i hope the weather will be clear enough for me to just catch it while on the Shinkansen

Canada (7 days)

  • Rocky mountains – mountains, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers
  • Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City – a sampling of cities that probably best represents Canada

US (18 days)

  • The usual tourist destinations (for international travellers to US) – San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, New York, Washington DC, Buffalo (Niagara Falls)
  • The not-so-usual tourist destinations – Antelope Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Watkins Glen National Park

This is the first time i will attempt to blog as i travel. Stay tuned!

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