Antelope Canyon

For most people, a tour of the west coast starts with San Francisco and ends at the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas. There is, however, another attraction worth seeing, just a little over 2 hours away from the Grand Canyon – Antelope Canyon. The photos you take here will garner the most ‘likes’ on Facebook, I guarantee you.


Due to the popularity of the Antelope Canyon, the cost to visit it is very high, to the tune of USD40. For safety purpose, and to prevent congestion, they regulate the number of people at the site, which is a good thing since you don’t want to photograph other tourists. To avoid disappointment, it is wise to book your tour way ahead.


You will notice that tours starting around noon time cost more. That’s because around midday, the sun casts a beam of light into the canyon that photography fanatics so like to capture. You can actually get a chance to see and photograph this beam of light without paying a premium, by timing your 2 hours tour to end between 11 to 12, which means you should book the 930 or 10am tour.

Photography fanatics shooting the beam of light in the canyon. The guide tosses some sand into the air to make the beam visible.

I managed to steal this shot. Does not look good, but that’s OK, i’m not a photography fanatic.

The horseshoe bend is also very near Page, the town that is the base for visiting Antelope Canyon.

As you make your way back to Las Vegas to catch a flight, you might catch a sight like the above, which reminds me of the Marlboro advertisement from the 70s. No Cowboys pictured, but the horses and the canyons are a perfect match.

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