Breakfast chronicles – Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake

This is my first time using a cake mix. Obviously, a cake mix is fail-proof – the cake rises like magic. If you have 45 minutes to prepare breakfast, then this is an option you can include in your arsenal of breakfast recipes.

Although the cake is quite edible by itself, i added a bit of chocolate frosting, with raspberry, to make things more interesting. However, i was impatient and applied the frosting while the cake was still warm. Parts of the frosting melted and seeped into the cake.

I don’t want to show this. The white particles are probably oil/sugar from the melted chocolate frosting.

The cake is still quite fluffy after being kept in the fridge overnight. It tasted pretty good and was not overly sweet, although the sugar content is very high (41%), so, this is not something you want to eat often.

Bowl to oven in minutes, indeed. I do appreciate that the content of the cake mix is clearly indicated.

At S$4.50 per pack, it is quite affordable. For our family of four, it would be impossible to finish the entire 430g of cake mix in one sitting. I reserved half of the package for next time.

The cake is better when eaten fresh off the oven, but if you want to apply frosting, then you’ll have to wait till it cools down, apply the frosting and cool it in the fridge.

With marmalade and Yoghurt cream cheese frosting. Works even better.


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