Breakfast chronicles – claypot rice

Claypot rice is.. rice cooked in a claypot. With toppings. The toppings of choice of this traditional Cantonese dish are preserved meat (腊肉) and sausages (腊肠). I found that it is specifically the oil from the preserved meat or sausage that makes claypot rice taste like what it’s supposed to be. The use of claypot does seem to give the rice a slightly different characteristic than what you get from a rice cooker. I got into making claypot rice because it was one of the suggested recipes that allows me to utilize the sausages i received as a gift. It also allows me to dump whatever leftover stuff I have on hand, plus, it is really quick to prepare.

I learned a very useful trick regarding the handling of the sausages – removing the skin. This makes the sausages softer and much more edible! After de-skinning the sausages, they are sliced and fried to extract the oil from the fatty parts. The extracted oil (probably not all of it) can then be used to cook the other items of the topping. I have chosen to use diced pork butt this time round.

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