Breakfast chronicles – ramekin cheesecake

I won’t hide from you the fact that ramekin cheesecakes tend to crack when baking. It could be that my batter was too dry, or I didn’t adjust the baking time enough (definitely has to be less since the mass is much smaller), but it could also be due to the fact that the ramekins are too well insulated such that a water bath doesn’t help.

Anyway, I don’t need my cheesecakes to be prety. The good thing about baking cheesecakes in ramekins is it’s easy to serve. No need to slice and serve, just eat with a spoon. Also, I can adjust the portion down to a single serving, no need to store the unfinished cheesecake in the fridge. I’ll likely always do it the ramekin way from now on.

Served with marmalade
Served with marmalade
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