Coopers beer kit tasting notes

My 9th batch of beer, the IPA, is just ready for consumption. I made a different flavour each time, and here are my thoughts on those Coopers beer kit i have tried thus far. This is a very subjective matter of course. Also, beer expert i am not, and i can only talk in lay man terms.

I realized that it is true, that, over time, anyone who is into beer will better appreciate beer that is more heavily hopped, and i am no exception. Having made my own beer for over a year, i now have higher expectations, which is a good thing, since i can derive more enjoyment out of good beer. I can no longer accept the typical bland and diluted beer you find in the supermarket.

Overall, i think the Coopers beer kits are unbeatable when it comes to ease of brewing your own, and i will continue using them until i have the time to move on to grain brewing. Here is how i would rank the Coopers beer kits:


Pilsner – nice hopped aroma that is not overpowering. I have tried the unfiltered Pilsner Urquell in Pilzen years ago, and having this just makes me want to have a go at Pilsner Urquell again.

Mexican Cerveza – easy, and you will gulp down this one like it is soft drink (OK that’s not a good analogy because soft drink is beyond comparison to beer). Crisp and refreshing, appeals to even those who don’t drink beer much.


Australian Pale Ale – has floral characters as described, refreshing.

IPA – I generally don’t like dark beer, and i absolutely abhor Guiness, but i guess there is a complexity about IPA that invites one to savour it slowly. Pictured above, it has very good head retention.


European lager – not very special, but has a richness to it that makes it quite drinkable. Definitely better than the typical lager you find in the supermarket.

Wheat – tried the Hoegaarden recipe with this one, turned out better than expected. A nice drink to have every now and then when you feel like having something different.

Sparkling Ale – less heavy than IPA. Somehow, i don’t remember much about this one.


Canadian Blonde – i would describe this as having a rough aftertaste.

Draught – sweetish and mostly bland.

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