DIY clock repair

The current Covid-19 situation is teaching us many lessons about life, one of which is, we really don’t need that many material things in life. Instead of throwing away your old but still functional items, consider making do. Instead of replacing broken down items, consider repairing. This has always been my principle in life.

Instead of throwing away a malfunctioning clock, i decided to repair it myself. Though the clock no longer moves, the clock face and the housing can be re-used right? It costs at least S$11 to buy a brand new wall clock, but worse than having to spend money is the thought of the clock adding to the problem of pollution when i throw it away.

Low cost, made of cheap plastic materials, yet works well!

I bought a set of DIY clcock movement mechanism from Shopee for only $1.04. Surprisingly, the pole (on which the clock arms sit) fits the hole on my existing clock face just nice. Also, surprisingly, this cheap DIY clock movement mechanism works very well. It is completely silent and runs on a single AA battery, unlike the old one it replaces which uses 3 AA batteries.

The fragile clock arms are placed in a plastic casing and will arrive in your mail box safely

We all have a part to play in reusing, reducing and recycling, Covid-19 or not. As with the social distancing effort, every little bit that everyone of us do makes this world a better place!

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