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Hofbräuhaus original and dark beer in 1L glasses

Not to be missed while in Munich – beer, food and music from Hofbräuhaus. Beer is served by the litre, and as much as that seems to be, you will be amazed at how easy it is to down the drink (in voracious gulps). For a moment it would seem as if your bladder had an expanded capacity.

Bavaria (the region in Germany where Munich is located) lays claim to be having the world’s oldest still-operating brewery, it’s no wonder they make great tasting beer (ok, i have to admit at this point that i love beer and wine). Beer is such an important part of German tradition that they actually make beer intended to be a kid’s first beer. Not surprisingly, the legal drinking age in Germany is among the lowest.


With the consumption of alcoholic beverages being so commonplace, it inevitably leads to the problem of alcoholism. I was very surprised to find out, during my visit to the Skansen Museum in Stockholm, that Sweden almost banned alcohol in a referendum held in 1922 (Norway and Finland actually implemented such prohibition). The Swedish Temperance Movement, formed to discourage alcohol consumption, was popular then and is still active to this day. Check out the photos below – the IOGT (Swedish Temperance Movement) must have been quite rich to be able to build such a large hall, which was also used for performances and entertainment.

DSC_0144  DSC_0145
Brofästet Temperance Hall, Skansen Museum

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