Ezbuy ship-for-me is down again

Ezbuy has been trying to get back onto shipping Taobao goods again, and the strategy they employed of late is to change the forwarding address frequently, plus, using funny looking addresses. The most recent forwarding address is 阳光海鲜大排档转凤岗韵达网点转xxx (where xxx is your user id). That’s the name of a restaurant if you’re not well versed in Chinese.

Anyway, Taobao caught up with the game (or maybe they were just lenient for a while) and managed to block Ezbuy from stealing business again. When i tried to check-out, i was led to the following screen, which is pretty much the same as what was prompted to Ezbuy users a year ago when Taobao first launched the move to block users from using Ezbuy forwarding.

I did manage to use Ezbuy ship-for-me twice in recent times though. Oh well.

Update: status still the same as at 4 Jan 2019.

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2 responses to “Ezbuy ship-for-me is down again”

  1. Akiteck Avatar

    I noticed a trend where Taobao intentionally block ezbuy when it’s 11.11

    Maybe during 11.11 can double check whether ezbuy updates their address or just use 86of

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Good observation Akiteck. Too much business to ignore during 11.11 period i guess. Ezbuy has the cheapest economy air shipping rates for lightweight goods. I ended up choosing the official Taobao air shipping. At 29 Yuan ($5.80) for the initial kg actual weight including delivery, it is still better value than 86of’s air shipping which is $5 for the initial kg volumetric weight excluding delivery.

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