Grabbing a taxi in Bangkok

Probably the best way to grab a taxi in Bangkok is to Grab one (as in to use the Grab app). It was certainly a convenient way to get a six seater taxi, which is now available abundantly.

The other advantages are – not having to fumble over communicating the destination to the driver since it’s already specified through the app, not having to worry if you don’t have small change to pay for the ride, and less chance of being taken for a ride (money wise).

I say less chance, because ultimately the final amount is still determined by the driver. They do run the taxi meter, but the final amount that is charged is entered into the app by the driver. Basically, the taxi driver can, and quite likely will simply charge you the upper bound of the estimated fare given the Grab app.

Out of the two times I booked a taxi, one taxi driver simply charged the upper bound of the fare estimation of 300 Baht (though he did politely inform he was going to do so) for a short distance that was only 51 Baht on the meter. Even if you factor in the advance booking fee of 100 Baht which the driver has the liberty to charge for booking a six seater, I was still charged double of what it should have been.

The other driver, on the other hand, charged exactly according to the meter. He asked for five star rating, which I was more than happy to give.

So, in conclusion, Grab and other car hailing apps are a great way to get around in Bangkok.

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