Hats off to a great Inside Job

Inside Job

The documentary that won an Oscar. The very country that plunged the world into recession is the same amazing country that allows such a film to be made and screened. This is Reality TV at its best, featuring a truly stellar cast of real politicians, Wall Street executives and other characters of international fame.

This movie explains economics without treating you like an idiot (at least i didn’t feel that way). It puts together the bits and pieces of news you’ve probably heard over the past 5 years so that you’ll have much greater clarity on who did what which resulted in the mess we are in now.

On a “kay poh” note, it happens that the attempted rape case against ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was one of the interviewees in the movie who appeared to be critical of Wall Street, was dropped just today. Christine Lagarde, who took over as the present IMF chief, who was even more outspoken in the movie, also ran into some trouble after her appointment. Coincidence? Maybe they could make a sequel.

The movie opened in the US on 10 October 2010. I doubt it will ever make it to the silver screen here, but the internet-savvy you should know how to get hold of it, if you’re ever so interested.

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