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You must be thinking, why ship dish soap from the US when you have tonnes of choices in the local supermarket? Well, if you want dish soap made mostly of natural ingredients, then there isn’t much choices available in the local supermarkets in Singapore really. Does it make much difference you ask me, between chemical based and natural plant-derived dish soap. The answer is a resounding YES.

Better Life Dish It Out Dish Soap

I have actually been using Better Life’s Dish It Out dish soap for some time. It works really well on cleaning, and seems really gentle on my hands. It used to come in Sage and Citrus scent, which is rather strong but still pleasant smelling, to me at least. Now, iHerb seems to stock only the Lemon Mint scent, which is much more subtle and i think more appealing to most people.

Recently, the dish soap was used up at home, and my next order wouldn’t arrive in time, so i went back to using a chemical based dish soap from the supermarket. Within a week, my hands are dried up and started to crack and feel itchy! I’m more than convinced i need to use Better Life’s dish soap and nothing else! I have tried other products from iHerb as well (there are quite a few options for natural dish soap), but this is by far the best. Not the cheapest, but the best. Depending on your preference, you can dilute the soap and apply the diluted soap more liberally, or just use it as is.

There is an unscented version of the dish soap as well, which is perfect for cleaning my beer brewing equipment. Being made of natural raw material, and being unscented, i’m more assured that there are no chemicals or odd flavours to mess up my beer.

Last but not least, it is completely environmentally friendly. I know this is not as important a consideration in this part of the world, where lower cost is the driving factor for everything, but i’m happy i’m doing my part for a better, healthier world.

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