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I know it sounds lame, recommending supplements from iHerb. Supplements is almost entirely what iHerb is about. I suppose when iHerb started, they were selling mostly supplements, from which they probably derived the name iHerb, rather than the literal herbs (for cooking). Well, they’ve expanded their product offering a lot since then, selling toiletries, snacks and even toys.

Well, i have recommended getting fish oil from iHerb, and to date i am still taking fish oil as supplements everyday. No harm since it’s a very small cost. We (my wife and myself) have slowly expanded our daily supplement intake to include other things now, which is probably needful as we age. The other supplements that i have felt helpful are the ones for joint (knee) support.

There are many products that target joint/knee support, and they can be quite expensive. After looking around on iHerb, i found out that they mostly boil down to a two key ingredients – MSM and Glucosamine. Without specific pharmaceutical knowledge, my hunt for the right product boils down to searching for the one that has the highest dosage of MSM and Glucosamine for the least amount of money. I have tried two products from iHerb by now, and they both seem to be effective. I now no longer feel a strain in my knee, which i used to before. My wife reported the same result too, that her knee discomfort from jogging felt relieved since taking the supplements, so i think i can safely recommend taking these supplements.

I think there are two products worth considering – Doctor’s Best Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM and FutureBiotics FlexMend Vegetarian Glucosamine With MSM. If you do the math, the one from FutureBiotics has slightly better bang for the buck – at per tablet price of US$0.135, you get 375mg of MSM and 375mg of Glucosamine, whereas at per serving (2 tablets) price of US$0.21, Doctor’s Best gives you 500mg of MSM and 750mg of Glucosamine. The recommended dosage for FutureBiotics is 4 tablets per day, which is a lot (with only 90 tablets that lasts you only slightly over 3 weeks) ! Taking one tablet a day seems to already have an effect. I will be trying out Doctor’s Best as well to see if it works any better, though i really doubt i will notice any difference.

For women, there are a few commonly used products that you can find on iHerb at very good prices. Evening Primrose oil is one of them. American Health Royal Brittany Evening Primrose Oil is unbeatable. At about S$30 for 240 servings of 1300mg, it is easily half priced compared to products sold in Singapore. My wife also takes Grape seed extract and Cranberry extract alternately.

Finally, there is the good ol’ Vitamin C. We swear by Now Foods Vitamin C Crystals, which comes in the least fanciful form of Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid. Every time we felt prone to flu or illness, we take this, and the effect is immediately felt. Super useful when on overseas trip.

Check out iHerb.com now for more products you will be using from day to day.

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