Kitchen Hack: Canned all purpose cream

Singapore is probably one of the few places in the world where 99% of the food and produce are imported. Because of this, chilled dairy products are prohibitively expensive. This must be one of the reasons why cream is seldom used for cooking here, besides the fact that Asian food, which generally does not make use of cream, is the mainstay here.

I used to have to think twice about buying thickened or whipping cream, and often just use milk in recipes that call for cream, until i stumbled on the canned all purpose cream. In canned form, it can be stored without refrigeration. It is also much cheaper than chilled cream of course. Nevermind if it contains thickeners, it seems a good idea for me to stock a few cans of these at home. If you Google for it, you will find this product available under a few different brands.

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