Kitchen Hack: Frozen seared steak

Chanced upon this article and decided to give it a try. The recipe calls for freezing the steak and searing the steak while it is in the frozen state. I think this is especially appropriate in my case, because the steak i used is frozen steak to begin with!

The recipe suggests using a heavy bottomed pot (a pressure cooker would be appropriate) to press the piece of steak down while searing to get an even sear. I was lazy and didn’t try, but anyway, what i think i would do the next time is to apply the torch to char the steak. Searing really doesn’t give the steak enough boost in taste.

The steak turned out really well – evenly cooked, with just the right doneness (slightly above medium). It was a little cold, though. I followed my own intuition rather than the recipe instructions. Instead of baking at 60 degrees Celsius (this setting is not even available on my oven) for half to one hour to achieve medium doneness, I baked in convection oven mode at 110 degrees for 18 minutes. At this point i examined and found that the side of the steak that is not yet seared is not going to become seared at this rate, so i switched to the grilling mode. In grilling mode, the oven goes to maximum heating without turning on the fan. In doing so, i was hoping that the oven tray would become hot enough to achieve better searing.

The top piece shows the side of the steak that was not seared in a pan. Not pretty, but overall still tasty.
The top piece shows the side of the steak that was not seared in the pan. Not pretty, but quite satisfactory.

Anyway, after 5 minutes, i decided it was done. There was still insufficient searing, but overall, the steak was fine. I think this method of preparing steak works well for me. It is much easier than doing Sous Vide. Unless i’m doing marinated steak, i think i will stick to this method for a quick meal.

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