Kitchen Hack: Sous Vide derived soup base

I made an interesting discovery while experimenting with Sous Vide – the by-product from Sous Vide, consisting of cooked juices from meat, makes for a great soup base. It is like prized concentrated double boiled soup, having been cooked with the meat for the 3 to 12 hours usually involved in Sous Vide. It may be a little murky, and it may not be possible to strain it until it becomes entirely clear, but i don’t mind the appearance at all.

I doubt many people do home-made stock. The long hours of boiling puts me off. I don’t like store bought stock either, they invariably contain MSG. Well, with Sous Vide, you get really tasty broth as a by product. The quantity is small, but enough to enhance soup meant for 2 or 3. I collect and refrigerate the gelatinous goodies to make soup for noodles.

My alternative for making a quick and tasty soup is to use dried fish. I learned about the dried fish while finding out how the soup for Wonton noodles (the authentic HK type) is made. Just fry the fish a bit to unlock the fragrance, cook some ginger in sesame oil, and throw in the fish with water to get soup that goes well with noodles. You can find dried fish plus an assortment of dried seafood at Victoria Wholesale Centre.

Dried fish
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