Matsumoto is not typically in the itinerary of most people. I went there due to Matsumoto Castle being recommended as the other best castle to visit other than Himeji. The castle was pretty indeed, was quite small and bare inside but nevertheless pleasant. In fact, Matsumoto town itself was more pleasant than Himeji.

Apparently they have the frog as their mascot.

There are two specialty food in Matsumoto – soba and horse meat. That’s right, horse meat. Specifically, horse meat sashimi. The soba was the best I’ve had. This was at Sasaki Soba.


Unfortunately they didn’t offer the horse meat on the day I visited. Was feeling relieved I didn’t have to try it.

This was beer from a nearby town. Awesome.
Simply cannot skip sake for every meal

There are a few scenic towns and sights in the Japanese Alps. You can visit them along with Matsumoto. I will certainly come to this region again.

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