North-south highway lunch stop – Bukit Gambir revisited

This was my 3rd visit to Bukit Gambir, and this time, i went to the restaurant 侨興 that was marked on Google maps. There must be a good reason for a restaurant to be highlighted in Google Maps, especially when it shows up at low zoom levels. True enough, 侨興 is one of the few restaurants has been around for ages in Bukit Gambir.

Located along probably Bukit Gambir’s only remaining row of old wooded shop houses

I love the reddish tint decor scheme that is adopted in the region around here, also seen at Sungai Mati and Kampung Serom

Food wise, there is Tze Char and mixed rice, and it is not bad.

Very fast Tze Char, and the mixed rice is like home cooked
Kopi in Johor style – tastes of Kopi O, and it is thick enough

I do recommend stopping by here. Bukit Gambir is well located as a lunch stop from either KL or JB.

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